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Summer + Guns

For this one, I’m going to need help. If everyone could please tell me episodes from TSCC in which Cameron handles a gun, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll have to individually download each episode again. 

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Nah, it’s mine. I need to check these things before I post them. I save everything to drafts and then look it over and then publish but damn, EVERY time something gets by me. haha. I just need someone to join as a co-member and look over all the things in drafts before I publish them! That would fix it. XD

My Five Favourite Summer Glau Roles. 

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Hey I have a fun request. How bout a set of your top 5 (no particular order needed) favorite Summer roles.

I like this one! I will do it tomorrow! After I take a million years to figure out which five I like best. 

Kill me. Don’t kill me. Doesn’t matter.”